Who's ready for another 'Peter Pan' movie? C'mon, 'Hook' was really gr ... well, that P.J. Hogan adaptation from 2003 was pretty ... hmph. Do we really have to go back as far as Disney's 1953 rendition for the best Pan-related adaptation? (Nah, there's Marc Forster's 'Finding Neverland,' which certainly has some worth.) Regardless, get ready for an all-new Peter Pan tale -- only by "all-new" we actually mean "an origin story tentatively called Peter Pan Begins." Wow, that sounds a little like a Batman flick!

No director has been named, but currently very interested in the project are actor Channing Tatum ('Supercross,' 'Step Up'), screenwriter Billy Ray ('Shattered Glass,' 'The Hunger Games'), and mega-producer Joe Roth, who (as The Hollywood Reporter points out) has his hand in new versions of 'Alice in Wonderland,' 'The Wizard of Oz,' and 'Snow White.' (Public domain properties are an endless source of easy inspiration.)

So we're clearly in the midst of an "origin story" trend. 'Alien' needs one, 'Batman' needs several, and logically 'Peter Pan' needs one as well. Perhaps someone should also do an origin story on 'Pinocchio.' All you'd need is a video camera and a block of wood. (No offense meant to Mr. Tatum.)
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