Looking for a good course in Advanced Mathemagicks? Hoping to get your degree in Wortcunning and break into the lucrative herbal medicine field? Have you watched the Harry Potter movies too many times and find yourself wanting to be an actual wizard? This story could be life-changing for you.

Oberon Zell-Ravenheart has now opened the world's only registered institute of higher learning for aspiring wizards, the Grey School of Wizardry. The academy has an enrollment of over 700 students, with 100 in the under-18 "Harry Potter in training" program. Zell-Ravenheart hopes to recreate the fictional Hogwarts for a new generation of wannabe wizards.

While the cynical amongst us might see this as a cash-grab on the Magus's part, it should be noted that Zell-Ravenheart has been practicing the dark arts for years. He's well known in his hometown of Catoti, Calif., because he's the only guy at the local Safeway sporting a full-on wizard's robe and wand as he checks out the produce. The master of the dark arts has been involved in the scene for decades, first gaining a modicum of notoriety for turning a goat into a unicorn (thanks to some minor surgery). He may be "the real Dumbledore" now, but he's more used to being referred to as Gandalf or Merlin.

Interested in classes at the Grey School of Wizardry? Hit the jump for the curriculum.
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