Hollywood scandals are as old as Tinseltown itself, but lately the headlines are thriving with outrageous tales of stars gone wild. Charlie Sheen is the latest off-kilter celebrity to make a splash with his nonsensical TV interviews, radio outbursts, drug benders and violent porn star soirees. While Sheen is winning "most quotable" this year, last year Mel Gibson's racist remarks -- and crazypants stare -- made waves around the world. Lindsay Lohan wasn't too far behind Gibson when she ducked in and out of jail and rehab, causing her to lose several casting spots that could have reinvigorated her career.

While we're presently wagging our tongues over these juicy transgressions, generations down the line will surely be revisiting several of these scandalous stories on the big screen. Real life spectacles don't always translate to successful screen translations (take 'The Black Dahlia,' for example), but some screenplays based on the shocking exploits of Hollywood stars have achieved critical and financial acclaim.

Until Lindsay Lohan makes an acclaimed porn version of a movie, based on a porn, based around a dead porn star, satisfy your taste for the terrible with a few of these gems after the jump. Share your picks below.
Auto Focus
Based on 36 critics

Based on the life and mysterious murder of actor Bob Crane (Greg Kinnear). Read More

Mommie Dearest
In Theaters on March 31st, 2003

Movie queen Joan Crawford (Faye Dunaway) pampers, punishes her children. Read More

Star 80
In Theaters on April 20th, 2003

Sex symbol Dorothy Stratten's (Mariel Hemingway) husband (Eric Roberts) kills her. Read More

The Aviator
Based on 41 critics

Howard Hughes (Leonardo DiCaprio) produces movies and flies airplanes. Read More

Based on 33 critics

A detective (Adrien Brody) probes the mysterious death of TV Superman George Reeves (Ben Affleck). Read More

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