The legitimacy of an exposé in the New York Post falls somewhere into the sweet spot between hard journalism and "Bat child found in cave!" but this story about Harvey Weinstein's latest bit of Oscar gamesmanship simply has to be true. A journalist fabricating the image of the infamously volatile studio boss crawling on a screening room floor in search of spilled M&Ms would be like Da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa without ever having seen a real woman -- some things are simply too beautiful not to be inspired by some degree of truth, right?

Sure, it's not the most flattering portrait in the world, but Weinstein has always been known for his antics, so why might he pay $500,000 in hush money to prevent this particular story from breaking before last Sunday night's Academy Awards? Moreover, in which of his projects was he less interested in than some dropped candies? And were the M&Ms even one of the sexier varieties like almond or coconut, or did the powerful diabetic legend lunge out of his seat for ordinary chocolate wrapped in a hard candy shell? It's a long and sordid story, but now that 'The King's Speech' has won its Oscars, it's a story that's finally ready to break.