Sylvester Stallone will stand trial for theft. We're not talking about "forgetting" to pay for something or "borrowing" it, though. This time, it's a war between two companies, with Sly caught in the crossfire.

If you're not a part of the fitness-supplement world, you might not have heard that a battle has been raging between pudding developer William Brescia and nutrition-supplement company Instone LLC, of which Stallone is on the board of directors. Instone purchased a high-energy, low-carb pudding from Freedom Foods, who have been battling Brescia since 2004 over who created their pudding process. In 2005, a countersuit by Brescia brought Stallone and Freedom's business partners into the mix, and though Stallone sought a summary judgment to get him out of this mess, the judge refused to dismiss the actor from the case.