If 'TRON: Legacy' wasn't enough for you and you've become so addicted to the adventures of the Grid that you need a weekly fix, you'll be able to feed your hunger in the summer of 2012. That's when Disney premieres the animated prequel 'TRON: Uprising.'

Set between the events of the 1982 original and the 3D holiday blockbuster of 2010, the 10-part 'Uprising' tells the story of Beck, a young computer program who unwittingly finds himself leading a revolution against the evil Clu 2. Along the way, he'll be aided by that hero of heroes, Tron (voiced by Bruce Boxleitner himself!). Plus, we'll also find out how Flynn went into hiding.

If you're already jonesing for more 'Tron,' calm down because we have the first trailer for 'Uprising' behind the cut.
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Tron: Legacy
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