Take Me Home Tonight: 80s Songs That Could Be Movies

If you grew up in the '80s, chances are that every mention of the new movie 'Take Me Home Tonight' leads to the 1986 Eddie Money song being irrevocably implanted in your head. ("Just like Ronnie sang ... I tell you, just like Ronnie saaaang ....")

It's not the first movie to use a song for its title (in fact, the original title for 'Take Me Home Tonight' was 'Kids in America' -- the 1981 song by Kim Wilde). Remember 'Just Like Heaven'? 'What a Girl Wants'? Even 'The Kids Are All Right'?

It looks like this is a trend that's here to stay, since apparently it's so incredibly hard to come up with original movie titles. So rather than lament the practice, why not hop on board? We came up with several '80s songs that sound like they could totally be real movies. Except they aren't ... yet.

Got more ideas for '80s songs that could be movies? Leave them in the comments.
Take Me Home Tonight
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