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'Rango' Review: Must Be Something in the Water
Eric Snider reviews 'Rango' and reveals that it's more than meets the eye: "The whole thing feels like the Coen brothers made a Tex Avery cartoon set in the Old West, ran it through a Pixar filter, and then dipped it in LSD."

'The Adjustment Bureau' Review: Defying Expectations
Getting a little Matt Damon, Emily Blunt adjustment, Peter Hall attempts to review "a movie so defiant of the Hollywood norms we're used to that it's impossible to market it accurately." He concludes: "even if 'The Adjustment Bureau' does have a few permanent bruises from running the Hollywood gauntlet, it's still a valiant effort about reconciling destiny and desire that pays off in intelligent, playful and memorable ways."

'Take Me Home Tonight' Review: Topher Grace in That '80s Show'
William Goss wasn't all that thrilled with the '80s-based comedy, noting: "The film starts out with big hair, skinny ties, and hit song after hit song after hit song, eager to capitalize on every possible pop-culture signpost early on before settling into a slack rhythm of sitcom setpieces interrupted by stale emotional conflict."

'Beastly' Review: Dramatically Inert and Technically Incompetent
Todd Gilchrist wasn't impressed by the film, writing: "'Beastly' is the kind of melodramatic, moralizing tripe that absolutely no one can relate to, because it exploits primitive, one-dimensional archetypes in a story that isn't even smart enough to follow the long-since-hackneyed formulas from which it is stealing."
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