David Arquette From PopEater: Just hours after getting into a head-on collision in Los Angeles, David Arquette took to his Twitter page to let friends and fans know that he was doing okay.

Showing that his sense of humor was still intact as well, Arquette's Tweet included a Charlie Sheen reference: "I got into a car accident but I'm fine. Luckily I have dragon's blood running through my veins. Haha Thank you for all your concern." He then added, "Remember to wear your seatbelt-wish I was."

An eyewittness told the site that a car in front of Arquette suddenly stopped, forcing him to steer into traffic and causing the accident.

Although Arquette was seen lying on the ground bleeding, before being taken to the hospital, his rep told UsMagazine.com that the actor is okay. "He's fine," says the rep. "He is on his way to be treated."
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