You'd think that someone who's achieved Aaron Eckhart's level of success would have always been wise enough to steer clear of a project called 'Suicidal Resurrection,' but then again we're talking about the square-jawed star who recently appeared in a movie called 'Love Happens,' so maybe some things never change.

Bad student films can happen to good actors, and there's no shame in that. These are enterprises purely intended to be learning experiences, after all, and you've got to leap before you can fly -- you've got to be in 'Thursday' before you can be in 'Any Given Sunday.' Having said that, Vince Mellen's 'Suicidal Resurrection' is truly something special. Billed by the filmmaker as Aaron Eckhart's "first role EVER on film," the 139-second short isn't just another student film, it's all of them combined. Follow the jump to check it out for yourself.
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