Sometimes (never) 'The View' is useful, as in the case of a recent episode of the TV talk show where the stars of Disney's 1942 animated feature, 'Bambi,' recently met for the first time ever. Donnie Dunagan, who does the voice of young Bambi -- the white-tailed fawn who battles the dark forces of nature in the woods while trying to grow up -- met his on-screen best friend Thumper, played by Peter Behn.

Dunagan started his acting career at only three-and-a-half years old, when he won a talent contest and was scouted for parts in several Hollywood films. From there, he teamed up with the Mickey Mouse studio for the fifth installment in their animated classics series. Behn's only role was 'Bambi,' where he plays a rabbit who has a habit of wildly thumping his hind foot. He also teaches Bambi how to talk and do tricks, like sliding on ice.
In Theaters on August 13th, 1942

A fawn learns the ways of the wild from his mother and a host of woodland friends. Read More