On Friday, March 11, the South By Southwest film festival begins in Austin, sending yours truly and thousands of other industry professionals and film lovers deep into the heart of Texas. For those unable to attend, thankfully there are plenty of other local options for unique, important, or just fun screenings in a variety of theaters across the country. In Los Angeles, for example, Quentin Tarantino's monthlong programming series at the New Beverly Cinema continues; meanwhile in San Francisco, the Castro Theatre plays host to a Sing-Along with 'The Little Mermaid.' But suffice it to say there are numerous options for cinephiles to choose from if they want to see something a little further off the beaten path.

Otherwise, we would like to remind you to please leave comments and send in emails with any suggestions you may have for events, screenings, or other opportunities film fans may have to share with others in their celebration of the medium. Also, when and if you attend any of the events listed below, please let us know about your experiences, and let the organizers know where you found out about it!
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