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In 1910, during a conference of working women held in Copenhagen, German socialist Clara Zetkin proposed that there should be a yearly International Women's Day, where every country celebrated women and pressed for equal rights. In 1911, the first event was held, and tomorrow will be its centennial.

Though it was envisioned as a time to "press" -- to speak out in a time that desperately needed it, as women struggled to earn basics like the right to vote -- and certainly still has its place today, International Women's Day is an excellent opportunity to look back in time. Every success and struggle today relies upon the killer women of yesterday, when they had to climb metaphoric mountains to succeed.

Two years ago next month, this column began with Remembering Women Who Rock. Today, it's time to look back at ten women who've made cinematic history. I won't claim that this ten constitutes the "best," because to do so would immediately detract from the hundreds and thousands of women developing cinema worldwide. These are, quite simply, ten women you should be familiar with. Some have the honor of "first," while others have left an indelible impact on the industry.

Consider this your springboard to a rich history of female talent.
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