I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume that Matthew McConaughey is probably not your favorite actor. It's an assumption that I feel confident in making because of the fact that you're reading a film site -- expressing such an interest in the cinema while maintaining Matthew McConaughey as your favorite actor would be like flying to The Louvre because you're a big fan of Family Circus.

Trying to understand why McConaughey is so widely disdained is another matter entirely. The man is certainly not without his charms -- he's got a sly smile and a zen-like nonchalance that combines to make his screen presence something of a reprieve from the anxieties of everyday life. When you Google his name, his personal website is the top hit (a rarity for celebrities), and following down that particular rabbit-hole just leads to a void of good times and smooth surfer jams.

So why do so many people have it out for the guy? Is it because it seems as if he uses the dew from the Tree of Life as his bong-water, or because he hasn't worn a shirt since the Nixon administration? No. Well, yes, but it's also because McConaughey has amassed all of this success and yet it appears as if he's never really taken a single chance as an actor. Sure, in boldly risking romantic chemistry with the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Jessica Parker he practically became the J. Robert Oppenheimer of the 21st century, but more often than not it seems as if the dude gives you plenty to like but nothing to love -- he's pleasant, but never moving, and he's not alone.
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