Cinematical is happy to premiere the following quirky, 'All That Jazz'-inspired clip for the upcoming SXSW feature 'American Animal.'

Written, directed and starring Matt D'Elia, and featuring the likes of Brendan Fletcher ('Tideland'), Mircea Monroe ('Finding Bliss') and Angela Sarafyan ('The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn'), the film focuses on a terminally ill man (D'Elia) who arbitrarily decides one day that he is happy. In this clip, he wakes up and imbibes a long series of pills before his "happy" showtime.

Matt D'Elia provided Cinematical with the following introduction to the clip featured below: "Opening clip of Matt D'Elia's AMERICAN ANIMAL, in which we meet lead character Jimmy -- terminally ill, borderline crazy -- and watch him wake up and go through his theatrical morning routine."

Check out the plot summary and clip after the jump before it hits the streets of Austin and SXSW later this week. 'American Animal' will screen in the Narrative Competition category.