There was a time when Julie Taymor's career was soaring. She was the first woman to win a Tony Award for directing a musical ('The Lion King') then moved into cinema with the stunning 'Titus' and six-time Oscar-nominated 'Frida.' But things took a turn for the worse five years ago with 'Across the Universe' -- she fought the studio and almost removed her name from the Beatles-tuned film.

This last year, she offered up two new struggling projects. First, 'The Tempest,' where Taymor returned to the world of Shakespeare, only to see her $20 million film not even reach a $1 million gross. And then there's her much-maligned stage musical, 'Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark.'

Four cast members were hurt last year, injuries ranging from concussions to various broken bones. The production has been cited twice this year for safety violations, and now, the plagued director might have to leave her epic, theatrical offspring.
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