So apparently Ryan Gosling has a Vimeo account, which the actor has been using to post these really cool video snippets of people, places and animals he's coming into contact with while on the road filming what we imagine is George Clooney's 'The Ides of March.'

Gosling's videos first came to us via Twitter, where someone tweeted at us Gosling's Twitter handle, @RonnyBrosling. From there we noticed he'd been posting these really moving short videos that he shot, edited and posted (all on his cell phone) while filming in and around Cincinnati. There's one video with a hermaphrodite transsexual who has ovarian cancer; one with an overweight, recently divorced taxi driver; one with Jeff Ruby, "The Godfather of Cincinnati"; and then two more videos with a penguin and a cheetah from the Cincinnati Zoo.

From there Gosling detours from his series of cell phone portraits with a quick video of him being cheered on by fans during production on a college campus. Until now we haven't seen Gosling get behind the camera and direct a feature film -- and we may be waiting a while for it to happen -- but regardless here's hoping he continues this series of beautiful human (and animal) portraits because they're certainly engaging and definitely worth a watch.

Unfortunately we cannot embed them here, but you can watch his up-close-and-personal cheetah video after the jump and the rest over on his Vimeo page.
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