"Up for sale are 7 posters that constitute arguably the greatest movie poster collection in the world. Certainly, one could not say that they have the greatest science fiction collection without them. Each poster is unique and the only copy known to exist. All 7 of these posters transcend the movie poster field."

Big words for a humble eBay auction page, but the final sale price of $1,950,000 should pretty much erase all doubt: eBay user "mrs. miniver" really does seem to have the best frickin' movie poster collection of all time and she's selling it piece by piece to movie fans with deep wallets. The set that sold for $2 million included posters for 'The Day the Earth Stood Still', Howard Hawks' 'The Thing From Another World,''When Worlds Collide,''The Man From Planet X,''The War of the Worlds,''Forbidden Planet' and 'Conquest of Space', all of which are apparently the only remaining copies.

Even if you aren't wealthy enough to partake in her wares (some prices are high enough that you can only imagine people un-ironically wearing top hats and monocles when buying them), browsing through her sales is enough to make any movie fan -- especially science-fiction buffs -- feel a little weak in the limbs. Check out some examples after the jump.
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