Artist Christian Marclay is no stranger to mixing the worlds of film and fine art for his video installations, which usually involve impeccable timing and abstract mixing of sound and dialogue. His 1995 video, 'Telephones,' featured a montage of film scenes in which actors answer the telephone. His 2010 single-channel video, 'The Clock,' samples thousands of film clips that demonstrate the passage of time, featuring snippets of clocks, wristwatches, alarms, etc. An Ultra Culture writer created a similar video -- made in art school before Marclay's time piece, the writer jokes -- and it shows 36 Hitchcock movie deaths happening at once.

Hitchcock's talents for suspenseful timing, expert editing and crafting the perfect kill scene are highlighted in this video, which builds into one giant death orgasm. His earliest films like 'Blackmail' and 'Murder!' are represented here, leading all the way up to 1976 and 'Family Plot,' about a con artist couple and a few kidnappers.

A frenzy of death and mayhem awaits you in the video below.
Family Plot Movie Poster
Family Plot
In Theaters on March 12, 1999

Blanche (Barbara Harris), a less than reputable psychic, and her equally shady boyfriend, George (Bruce... Read More

Blackmail Movie Poster
In Theaters on November 9, 1929

During a date, Alice White (Anny Ondra) has a fight with her boyfriend, Scotland Yard Officer Frank Webber... Read More