This Week in 2010: Corey Haim Dies
Among those upset by the snubbing of Corey Haim in the "In Memoriam" montages at both this year's Oscars and Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremonies was Haim's biggest fan: his frequent co-star and lifelong pal Corey Feldman, who noted the omission with a timely, startling comparison.

Talking to Moviefone earlier this week, Feldman noted that Haim and Charlie Sheen both got their big breaks 25 years ago (in the movie 'Lucas'). Sheen went on to enjoy success in films and even greater success on TV, and despite a quarter-century of battles against drug addiction and other personal demons (coming to a head recently with Sheen's ongoing public self-immolation and his firing from 'Two and a Half Men'), he'll no doubt earn a fond reminiscence in the montages when he dies.

And yet Haim, who died at 38 a year ago this week (on March 10, 2010, of complications from pneumonia and other respiratory and heart ailments) was ignored, Feldman said, despite having finally gotten his life together after a similarly long public battle against drugs and personal issues. (In fact, it was on the set of 'Lucas' where Haim's drug troubles began.) What's more, Feldman claimed, Haim actually had a film career more worthy of celebration and remembrance than Sheen has had.

Hyperbolic? Maybe. There's no 'Platoon' or 'Wall Street' on Haim's résumé. Still, for a few years in the late '80s, Haim starred in several movies that are fondly remembered today, including one unassailable gem, 1987's 'The Lost Boys.' Read through the articles Moviefone and Cinematical posted at the time of Haim's death - including two personaltributes, a selection of his memorable movie quotes and my highlight reel of his career milestones - and you'll conclude that, even if Feldman is overstating his case, Haim certainly didn't deserve to be denied the homage of his peers at this year's memorials.
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