We're back in our time machine with the broken dial, and this time we land in 1933.

What Was the Story?

The much-maligned Herbert Hoover left office, replaced by the much-loved Franklin D. Roosevelt, and although the Great Depression was still in full swing, he seemed to give the people a measure of hope. That, plus the movies, which were still the cheapest entertainment in town. Ticket prices were, on average, about 23 cents each, and you also got a cartoon, a newsreel and a comedy short. This was probably cheaper for the first drive-in theater, which opened that year in Camden, New Jersey.

Construction on the Golden Gate Bridge began, and "The Lone Ranger" debuted on radio. If you really paid attention to the news, you might have heard about a guy called Adolf Hitler, who was rising through the ranks in Germany, or a guy named Gandhi, who went on a hunger strike to protest the treatment of the lower class. And, thank heaven, prohibition was repealed.
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