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'Jane Eyre' Review: Much More Than Bodices and Betrothals
Todd Gilchrist raves about the latest incarnation of 'Jane Eyre': "Remarkably, in Cary Fukunaga's interpretation of the Charlotte Bronte classic, you can almost see the text exploding with energy as the actors bring it to life -- which is why even audiences disinclined to embrace period pictures or laborious literary adaptations will find themselves enchanted, even perhaps swooning."

'Red Riding Hood' Review: A Flailing Fairy Tale
The gush doesn't continue with Catherine Hardwicke. Jenni Miller writes: "Some audiences will find it too mild for their tastes, while others who might have enjoyed the bosom-heaving romance of it all will have been put off by the too-teasing trailers and marketing materials. The plot unravels too quickly and easily to make this journey through the woods entirely satisfying for anyone expecting anything meatier."

'Source Code' Review: A Moment Worth Reliving
Scott Weinberg is ready to relive the moment again and again, explaining: "Duncan Jones' sophomore effort, 'Source Code,' is not nearly as original as his first film ['Moon'], but it is the next best thing to unique: it's two or three familiar ideas tossed into a blender, whipped into a tasty concoction, and delivered with a great deal of style and confidence."

'Battle Los Angeles' Review: Angry Aliens vs. Simple Stereotypes
Peter Martin pans the alien flick: "'Battle: Los Angeles' needs something more than spectacular alien combat footage to recommend it. They might have started with some recognizable human behavior."
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