Earlier this week we brought you news about Angel Sala, the festival director at Stiges who is facing child pornography charges for screening last year's controversial 'A Serbian Film.' The movie has been generating a ton of buzz about its depiction of a retired porn star lured back into the biz and the horrifying acts he endures while creating the ultimate XXX mind-bender.

'A Serbian Film's' filmmakers have relied on the festival circuit to promote their work, which they've been describing as a political jab at the Serbian government. A theatrical release seemed unlikely, due to two disturbing, key scenes that depict violent and sexual acts against children -- both simulated with a doll and animatronics. Now comes word that Invincible Pictures will be releasing an edited version of the movie May 13 to select theaters in North America.

At the same time, the unedited cut of the film will be shown on Invincible's digital media platform, FlixFling.com, allowing you to stream the horrors on the media device of your choice, including Facebook.
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