One need not be all that familiar with Sebastien Gutierrez' 'Women in Trouble' or 'Elektra Luxx' to get the vibe pouring out of the latest collaboration between the filmmaker and his lovely muse, Carla Gugino, but it will certainly help your viewing experience if you enjoy clever dialogue, amusing twists, and strong women. Half an anthology piece, of sorts, and half an "all in one night" neo-noir dark comedy, 'Girl Walks Into a Bar' is about as "experimental" a flick you'll find outside the festival circuit -- it actually debuted on YouTube following its SXSW world premiere -- but it's also unexpectedly breezy, quick-witted, and rather fun.

Ms. Gugino plays a tough-talking former detective who saunters her way through a colorfully weird collection of taverns, all of which house a troublemaker or two: Zachary Quinto as a dentist who wants his wife dead; Emmannuele Chriqui as a stripper with the mind of a literary genius; Rosario Dawson as a coat-check girl employed by a very bizarre establishment; Danny Devito as a cleverly nefarious crime boss; Gill Bellows and Xander Berkeley as a sleazy pair of cops, and on and on. (The cast offers a few surprises I won't mention.)