On paper, 'Caught Inside,' the debut feature from Australian director Adam Blaiklock, may sound like any number of other location-based thrillers: A group of blokes decide to charter a private boat and take a leave-your-girlfriend-at-home surfing vacation to a remote island. However, things are complicated when one of the boyfriends brings along his girlfriend and her flirty gal pal, Sam (Daisy Betts). Isolated deep in the ocean, hours from anyone of authority, one of the men on the boat grows obsessed with Sam and will do anything to have her.

In practice, 'Caught Inside' is an increasingly heated pressure cooker of a thriller; one that impresses with restraint and a disarming lack of malice. It's easy to imagine that a film with this premise, especially one hailing from a country that has been pumping out some fairly savage horror movies of late, will devolve into a waterborne slasher, but that's not the case here. And in addition to a smooth understanding of pace and structure, Blaiklock's film boasts an integral ingredient that most thrillers lack: realism.