After finishing Kevin Smith's talked-about 'Red State,' losing more than 100 pounds, reuniting with former TV co-star Roseanne Barr on Oprah in February, and gearing up for several projects in the making -- including the Oscar bait otherwise known as 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' -- John Goodman continues to be the face we all love to see.

His days as the everyman of choice started in the '70s after the actor finished college with a theater degree (an injury upset his football career) and took off for the Big Apple with nothing but a suitcase and a few bucks in his pocket. The Midwestern guy who felt like a fish out of water in the city started finding small roles in commercials and voiceover productions.

When Goodman teamed up with Mennen -- maker of anti-stink products for men -- he became the face for their Skin Bracer aftershave lotion. The "chin chiller's" main ingredient was alcohol (and at one time saccharin, ew!), which may be the reason he slaps himself silly after applying it to his handsome jaw and gasps, "Thanks, I needed that!"

If only someone could convince Goodman to do a slap-happy Skin Bracer commercial as Walter from 'The Big Lebowski' -- he would totally tear that thing up. Make it happen, Johnny! Check out a little retro John Goodman, and smell the manliness after the jump.
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