This week's releases are all about the choices we make in life -- and whether or not we can shake our fists at fate. Leading the pack is 'The Fighter,' an old-fashioned boxing film about a young fighter who has to make crucial choices to spark his career in the ring. In 'The Switch,' a young woman chooses to go it alone and have a child (artificially inseminated) on her own, only to discover that her choices are influenced by her human connections. And, in 'Hereafter,' three people are brought together by the choices they make -- and the paths laid out for them by fate (or the supernatural). Read on.
Based on 42 critics

Three people set out on a search for the truth after death touches their lives in different ways. Read More

The Fighter
Based on 41 critics

Two brothers (Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale) reunite to train for a historic boxing match. Read More

The Switch
Based on 30 critics

A woman (Jennifer Aniston) uses a friend's (Jason Bateman) sperm, unknowingly, to get pregnant. Read More

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