'Nailed' was pretty much nailed from the get-go.

Well before 'The Fighter,' filmmaker David O. Russell was gearing up for another ridiculous satire in the vein of 'I Heart Huckabees.' This time, it would focus on a waitress (Jessica Biel) who gets a nail lodged in her head, and when she can't get it removed because she doesn't have health care, she heads to Washington, D.C., to fight for health rights. There, she strikes up a relationship with a congressman (Jake Gyllenhaal).

Due to financier David Bergstein's plagued business dealings, production was halted and restarted over and over, until the film was stopped with only one scene left on the docket. Last summer, the director gave up on the project, saying it was no longer his film, as the producers were canned and Ron Tutor geared up to finish the film without its creator.
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