Yi Yi (A One and a Two)

Every week, we sift through all the new Blu-ray releases and single out the "must see" titles. Look for the column every Monday. This week: Two families in turmoil and Aussie bike racers.

Our Top 5 Picks for This Week: What to Buy or Rent

1. 'Yi Yi' (aka 'A One and a Two.') Dramatic epic about a family in turmoil. DVD upgrade. Buy.

2. 'BMX Bandits.' Australian kids ride bikes; cheesy but brilliant. Breakout role for Nicole Kidman. DVD upgrade. Buy.

3. 'The Fighter.' Academy Award–winner Christian Bale supports Mark Wahlberg in this rousing family drama. New to home video. Rent.

4. 'Au revoir les enfants.' World War II comes home to a French boarding school. Directed by Louis Malle. DVD upgrade. Rent.

5. 'Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.' Will Farrell as a '70s newscaster. Yes, it's a comedy. DVD upgrade. Rent.
BMX Bandits Movie Poster
BMX Bandits
In Theaters on September 21, 2001

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Yi Yi Movie Poster
Yi Yi
Based on 24 critics

Set in Taiwan, the film follows the lives of the Jian family from the alternating perspectives of the... Read More

The Fighter Movie Poster
The Fighter
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