Several questions immediately invade the mind after viewing 'The FP,'' one of this year's SXFantastic film selections and already the leading contender for the strangest film to find its way to a movie screen in 2011. Most of the questions, like "Who made this thing? (Jason and Brandon Trost, making their feature debut) and "Does this movie actually exist?" (yes), are easily answered. Others, like "What giddily insane spirit possessed the souls of everyone involved and actually allowed this movie to get made?" don't have such obvious answers, but they also don't require them. 'The FP' is fueled by black-souled, delightfully vulgar anarchy and like great punk rock, over-thinking it just sinks the experience. You've just got to go with it.

Set in a vaguely post-apocalyptic near future (or perhaps a terrifyingly silly alternate universe circa 1985), the 'Escape From New York'-esque opening scroll and narration set the stage: there are two rival gangs locked in a continuous battle for control of the town of Frazier Park and while their goals may be conventional, their methods are certainly not -- battles are not conducted through violent altercations on the streets, but rather through one-on-one competitions in a dancing arcade game called Beat Beat Revelations.

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