The American horror industry may not have earned it of late, but it needs more filmmakers like Ti West. That's not to say that it needs more movies exactly like West's ethereal 'The House of the Devil,' but that the genre needs directors who drain everything they have into making a movie; who make deeply personal films because they themselves need to make them, not because they're hunting for the next big trend in horror movies. Horror is a genre plagued with filmmakers who crib from the masters that came before them while offering nothing of themselves for future filmmakers to draw inspiration from. Except for Ti West, of course, whose latest film, 'The Innkeepers,' is radiant with inspiration.

Sara Paxton and Pat Healy star as Claire and Luke, totally ordinary co-workers who are left to run things at The Yankee Pedlar, a supposedly haunted hotel about to fold under after having been in business for over one hundred years. When not tending to the nearly zero guests renting rooms, Claire helps Luke pursue his dream of hitting it big time by cashing-in on the recent upsurge of ghost-related media. They take shifts wandering the old inn with an outdated recorder, hoping to catch EVP phenomena that will put Luke's dinky website on the map. As you can no doubt guess, creepiness eventually ensues.