Cinematical is happy to premiere a one-sheet for Danny McBride's smokin', bling-wearing Thadeous in David Gordon Green's 'Your Highness.' If this flick is half as good as its leading cast -- Natalie Portman, James Franco, McBride, Zooey Deschanel and Justin Theroux -- this should be one great, retro 'Pineapple Express' piece.

Two princes (Franco and McBride) set out to save their kingdom as one princess (Deschanel) gets captured by an evil wizard (Theroux) and another helps with the fight (Portman). Adding to the goodness, before the flick hits screens nationwide on April 8, Universal is holding a college fight, or DEMAND IT program. Basically, college students have until March 20 to log into and fight for their school to host the film's premiere. Yes, that means not only seeing the film first, but also being face-to-face with the cast. After the screening there will be an exclusive after-party attended by McBride, Franco and Gordon Green.

Check out McBride's character sheet and the film's new title treatment after the jump. Also see posters of James Franco (at JoBlo) and Natalie Portman (at IGN).