SXSW isn't SXSW without the occasional (sometimes more than occasional) reminder that celebrities are people too. They like movies, they like music, and even they like all things interactive. Sometimes they appear before, during, or after movie-themes events (i.e., screenings). You can catch up with some of the celebrities at SXSW by checking out this link, this other link over here, and one more link over there.


Peter Hall reviews 'The Innkeepers,' Ti West's ('The House of the Devil') latest film, a comedy-horror mash-up. Hall says, "'The Innkeepers' is radiant with inspiration." He cites the sound design, cinematography, and score as plusses, along with the strong, character-focused writing, performances, and directing.

Hall also reviews 'Caught Inside,' Australian director Adam Blaiklock's feature-length debut. He says, "'Caught Inside' is an increasingly heated pressure cooker of a thriller; one that impresses with restraint and a disarming lack of malice." Hall cites actor (and "muscled menace") Ben Oxenbould, for his performance as the antagonist, saying "Oxenbould's performance is so plausibly unhinged that it calls to mind some of the greater loose cannons of cinema."

Todd Gilchrist reviews 'Paul,' the sci-fi/road comedy co-starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost ('Hot Fuzz,' 'Shaun of the Dead,' 'Spaced'). Calling it an "otherwise imperfect but funny and genuinely sweet story," Gilchrist concludes, "'Paul' is a film that seems to too often pander to genre fandom without finding deeper meaning beneath it, or maybe more accurately, celebrates the people who share our affection for nerdy stuff but neglects to provide a meaningful reason why we should feel it in the first place."