With the tragedy in Japan still evolving on a seemingly minute-by-minute basis, it's an odd time to be thinking about movies and how the earthquake and subsequent tsunami will affect projects moving forward, but Warner Bros. has already pulled Clint Eastwood's 'Hereafter' from Japanese theaters because it features a giant tsunami in the opening scene. Clearly, there's going to be an impact.

The film, which hit DVD here today, started its theatrical run in Japan last month. Deadline is reporting that the movie will stop screening in roughly 200 theaters immediately, with Warner Entertainment Japan official Satoru Otani saying that in light of current events, continuing to screen the film was "not appropriate."

This isn't the first time studios have scrambled to make changes to films in the wake of international tragedies. Sony was forced to scrap a 'Spider-Man' teaser trailer and poster in the wake of 9/11, for example. Those pieces featured imagery of the Twin Towers and were deemed a too painful reminder of the terrorist attacks.