You can file this one under "slow news day."

The long and short of it is that rising young star Josh Hutcherson (if you want to feel old today, know that he was born in 1992) has been taking meetings with filmmaker Gary Ross regarding a role in the upcoming film adaptation of the immensely popular young adult novel, 'The Hunger Games'. He's probably on a list with a dozen other names, but the fact that he's letting us all know that he's in the running (and that he very much wants the part) allows us to make this news.

The role in question is presumably that of Peeta, the teenage boy who accompanies Katniss (a role that will supposedly be filled by Academy Award nominee Jennifer Lawrence) to the Hunger Games, a gladiatorial battle to the death fought by the children of a post-apocalyptic America. From an outside perspective (um, certain writers here at Cinematical haven't read it yet), it sounds like 'The Running Man' meets '1984' but for, you know, kids.

The news comes from Entertainment Weekly, who spoke to Hutcherson at SXSW, where his latest film 'Detention' made its world premiere this week. You can watch the trailer after the jump.
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