'Shaun of the Dead'

The finest romantic zombie comedy (or rom-zom-com) ever to hit the big screen, 2004's 'Shaun of the Dead' worked on every level -- alternately hilarious, suspenseful, disgusting and kind of sweet. An obvious and loving homage to the George Romero oeuvre, 'Shaun' is more than just a clever parody, thanks to director Edgar Wright and co-writers/stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. It's a supremely British (i.e., dryly witty) lark with moments of genuine poignancy and a good soundtrack to boot.

Pegg and Frost, who later appeared together in Wright's similarly uproarious 'Hot Fuzz,' also co-wrote and star in Greg Mottola's sci-fi comedy 'Paul,' opening this Friday. A formidably funny duo, their characters' friendship is at the heart of 'Shaun.'
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