The worst Santa Claus I've ever seen was a scrawny teenager filling in at a local mall, forced into a baggy red and white suit roughly four sizes too large for him. He was mealy-mouthed and out of his element, mumbling "Merry Christmas" listlessly through a cheap beard, while the visibly disappointed parents wished they would have come to the mall on a different day. The funny thing is that the kids didn't seem to mind much. They were told they were seeing Santa, so, to them, that guy was Santa. It didn't matter how wrong he was for the part; the children wanted to believe.

Jack Sanderson, the subject of Jeff Myers' hilarious documentary 'Becoming Santa,' makes a great Santa Claus, but even he's not sure if he's right for the part. It's a massive responsibility. To become Santa, you have to be equal parts actor, rock star, magician, religious icon, and cartoon character, and Sanderson doesn't know if he has it in him. Luckily for him, there are plenty of people who do have it in them, and live every single day as if they were Santa Claus personified.