Charlie Sheen is not on drugs, at least according to him. The only problem is, if you've watched his recent very-public meltdown, one thing is perfectly clear: Charlie Sheen is 100 percent, definitely, absolutely, positively, the-Pope-is-Catholic on drugs.

Adonis DNA, tiger blood, Vatican warlock assassins, fire-breathing fists, trolls -- these all contain vibrant imagery and a dash of fantasy. In other words: stuff that people on drugs find fascinating. It wasn't too long before this latest crack-up that Sheen got a briefcase full of cocaine delivered to his house. A briefcase. So, his recent appearance, public comments and general behavior all point to a guy who quite obviously loves doing lots and lots of drugs.

Now, however, we are told that Sheen is drug-free and has taken several tests to support the claim. If true, that can mean only one thing: Charlie Sheen is on new drugs that are so advanced they are undetectable by contemporary, Earth-based drug tests. But where would one find such drugs?

We know where: science-fiction films.
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