Earlier this week, we reported that Warner Bros. was pulling Clint Eastwood's'Hereafter'from Japanese theaters in light of the recent earthquake and tsunami. Since that film featured footage of people forced to confront a tsunami, WB felt it was inappropriate to continue screening it. It seemed like the proper and noble thing to do.

'Hereafter' debuted on DVD and Blu-ray here in America this week, and now The Hollywood Reporter posts that Warner Bros. will donate an unspecified amount from the home video sales to the Japanese Red Cross Society. Sources say the donation should be in the million-dollar range.

Disney is also set to join in, with plans to give the American Red Cross $2.5 million toward relief efforts in the battered country. Disney CEO Robert Iger states the company will match employee donations, up to one million dollars, to certain charitable organizations.

We hate to be cynical about charitable donations, particularly when Japan's situation is so dire and they need all the help they can get, but the Warner Bros. offer feels a little self-serving to us. Hit the jump to find out why.
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