Michael Cera partakes in a bass battle! Okay, maybe not, but he got onstage to jam. IFC geeks out at the chance to link Facebook Like and the Faith of five-by-five -- or Eliza Dushku. Cee Lo hits the stage. It's not exactly a celeb sighting, but Felicia Day is looking killer in this piece about online videos.

John Gholson, who has a bit part in 'My Sucky Teen Romance,' talks to young girl filmmaker Emily Hagins about her third film for The Week in Geek, and being rejected from UCLA: "I appreciate higher education, and I've always wanted to maintain my grades so I could potentially go to college, but school isn't something that excites me as much as making movies. ... When I got the rejection, I was upset for maybe ten minutes, then I thought, 'Oh, well. I'm going to make another movie now.'"

Peter Martin reviews 'You Instead,' noting that the film "deftly captures the pleasant vibe of a gigantic summertime festival where no humans or animals were harmed."