Despite what it might look like in downtown Austin right now, I would have to imagine that not every living human on the planet is actually at SXSW. Logistically, I mean, you'd think that one or two of the world's several billion people didn't make it down here this year. So for those of you who aren't in Texas for your own experience, I invite you to join along with mine.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

12:01 A.M. Edgar Wright is completely oblivious to the giant spider behind him. I'm packed into the world famous Alamo Drafthouse for the world premiere of Joe Cornish's 'Attack the Block,' and the film's executive producer is introducing the flick up on stage. A rogue arachnid has crawled over the projector, and the huge eight-legged shadow projected behind Wright is making the audience giggle. This will be the last time that Wright looks like a fool, tonight.

12:03 A.M. I have no clue what 'Attack the Block' is about, but I know I just waited in line for two hours to find out. I suspect a beer will help me make sense of things, so I ask one of the concession ninjas to bring me a pint of the local lager. I hope this doesn't suck.

12:10 A.M. It is abundantly clear that this doesn't suck.