The premiere screening of Jodie Foster's 'The Beaver' just swept into the SXSW Film Festival, and reactions so far via Twitter seem to be mixed, with most agreeing that Mel Gibson's performance is the highlight of a film that may be a little uneven in tone in its current state. See tweets below ...

@DavidEhrlich: THE BEAVER is a high-concept Disney dad w/ a suicidal streak. didactic, clumsy, & full of good things that deserve better. LIFE AS A PUPPET.

@MattDentler: "The Beaver" really does earn its stripes as a story about mental illness and depression. Not a comedy. #SXSW

@WilliamBGoss: have issues with the tone(s) struck by The Beaver, but not with the direction or performances. #SXSW

@Slashfilm: Predictable, ridiculous, melodramatic. Gibson & Foster have good performances but it's just a mess. Didnt connect with any of the characters

@PeterAMartin: THE BEAVER: Heart on its sleeve, pumping a steady supply of sincere sentimentality. Genuine, touching, if a bit on the nose. #sxsw

@EricVespe: It really is a shame that Mel Gibson is being hidden from the press. His performance in The Beaver is a fantastic and introspective.

@rejects: THE BEAVER has comedy in the situation, sorrow in it's story. Incredible performances. Very touching, well crafted. #sxsw

@Katerbland: THE BEAVER doesn't know what it wants to be and, paired with an unsympathetic main character, steadily grew into a film I hated. #sxsw

@JamesRocchi: THE BEAVER: A big, jokey premise creates small, quiet spaces to examine depression and pain; it's unique, and I'm not ....

@JoBloCom: "The Beaver" is an often good, frequently great but mostly uneven film that worked better as a written story.