One of these days someone's going to make a documentary about all the problems with documentary. It will probably have to be longer than (1452 minute-long) 'Grandmother Martha' and might, unlike 'The Greatest Movie Ever Sold,' actually be more self-reflexive than the average modern doc. While we wait for such a film, let's get the ball rolling on the discussion.

Yes, it is true that we've just had one of the best years for documentary ever. But that doesn't mean there aren't also more negative issues for the mode than ever before. The thing is, there are so many kinds of non-fiction films and so many kinds of doc enthusiasts that we all have very different answers for the following question: what one thing could change for the better for documentaries?

I've spent the past week at the Miami International Film Festival (read my wrap-up) and am currently at South by Southwest seeing docs both great and not so great, and running into extremely divergent doc fans and filmmakers. Most were totally stumped by the broad question at hand, so I've also opened it up to people not in my vicinity, such as on Twitter and a Facebook group for documentary lovers. And now, of course, I'm opening it up to you.