That Movie Exists?! is a monthly series on movies that sound too incredible to be real -- but much to our delight, they are. This month: the hip-hop horror comedy 'Leprechaun: In the Hood.'

"Death to he who sets a leprechaun free
Steal his gold, it will corrupt your soul, y'see"

'Tis the opening line of 'Leprechaun: In the Hood'
The fifth installment of a franchise not good.
A simple tale about money and greed
Best enjoyed when consumed with a large bag of weed.

See how easy it is to write in couplet form? In a movie that somehow manages to set the Irish, little people and rappers all back decades, 'Leprechaun: In The Hood,' the fourth sequel in the sorta-popular 'Leprechaun' franchise, throws out any semblance of horror intended by the original films and leaves us with this: Warwick Davis, complete with Irish brogue and corny-dad couplets, dropped off in the titular hood of Compton, Calif., to duel with Ice-T, summon zombie flygirls (more on that later) and, yes, rap himself (much more on that later.)
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