If you're Irish (in the movies) and you aren't running a bar or wearing a priest's collar, then you're sure to be walking a beat. The stereotype of the Irish cop is not only alive and well, it includes some of moviedom's most famous policemen. Harry Callahan? Popeye Doyle? Both proudly Irish-American.

Since we're talking stereotypes, we've picked the biggest boozers, brawlers and (of course) brainiest cops as well as a few stand-up officers who actually (gasp) do things by the book for our list.

(Don't fret, classic movie fans, we didn't forget Pat O'Brien: we're saving him for our Most Memorable Irish-American Priests list.)

In keeping with our salty characters, many movie clips contain rampant drinking, fighting and swearing. In other words, they're NSFW, unless your workplace is straight out of 'The Departed.'
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