If you haven't seen Seth Gordon's amazing 2007 documentary, 'The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters,' about two star 'Donkey Kong' players whose stories play out like the ultimate tragic hero and villain, then you are seriously missing out. Algebra teacher Steve Wiebe and hot sauce salesman Billy Mitchell have both held the world record for highest score, but a New York plastic surgeon, Hank Chien, is a new contender on the scene and recently yanked the title away from Wiebe. Of course, that 1,090,400 score means he gets his own documentary, 'Doctor Kong: Cutting Up the Competition.'

Chien has a Natalie Portman laugh, but the dorky doctor can play some serious 'Kong.' Filming started in 2009 before Chien won the title and was created "as a character study of this odd guy who would show up at a local bar in Brooklyn dressed in scrubs to practice 'Donkey Kong.' " Alexis Neophytides' last doc was about pigeon racing ('Coney Island's for the Birds'), so obviously a movie about a giant ape trampling through a digital universe was next on the list.

'Doctor Kong' has been making the rounds as far as screenings go, with more on the way later this month. Check out the trailer for what could easily be a sequel (it isn't) to 'King of Kong' after the jump. Let us know if you think Chien's story holds as much crazy drama as Wiebe versus Mitchell.
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The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters
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