Before every movie at South by Southwest (SXSW) a trailer-esque short film plays to help set the mood and give you something fun to ogle before the feature hits the screen. These pre-screening bumpers are often as big of a conversation piece as the movie itself and provide an opportunity for local talents to showcase their movie-making chops.

This year's fest delivered a set of unique and creative bumpers, one of which everyone has fallen in love with: 'Mario.' Filmmaker Joe Nicolosi's brilliant short uses Nintendo's 'Super Mario Bros.' as its basis to create an indie film version of the popular video game. Mario's a down-on-his-luck plumber trying to get over a breakup with his ex, Peach, who has been spending time with Bowser -- a smarmy, hipster A-hole. Goombas are exactly what Scorsese would want them to be, and mushrooms are still Mario's biggest vice. It's a smart, hilarious little clip.

Nicolosi also created bumpers about Magda Sayeg's Knittaplease, a guerrilla knitting collective, and a short about what could happen while you're waiting in that never-ending festival line. Check out all three bumpers after the jump.