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'Mars Needs Moms' Review: Laughs Are Also in Short Supply
William Goss ventured into the latest Zemeckis mo-cap adventure and surmised: "As a purely technical exercise, 'Moms' boasts remarkably immersive environments and well-rendered textures, par for the course from the ImageMovers crew. Alas, all these pixels are in service of eerie character design for the humans and Martians alike."

'Paul' SXSW Review: Funny and Sweet Fan Boy Pandering
Todd Gilchrist reviews the latest Pegg/Frost flick and is torn between the references and the lack of deeper meaning: "'Paul' is a film that seems to too often pander to genre fandom without finding deeper meaning beneath it, or maybe more accurately, celebrates the people who share our affection for nerdy stuff but neglects to provide a meaningful reason why we should feel it in the first place."

'The Lincoln Lawyer' Review: A Film That Offers a Thrilling But Bumpy Ride
Jenni Miller reviews McConaughey's latest. Though the script manages to be "both fairly convoluted and incredibly simple in hindsight, and suffers from several false endings," the film "is an enjoyable thriller buoyed by the unrelenting charisma of McConaughey."

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