It's been superheroes for a while -- and effectively, it still is ... -- but lately everything's coming up fairy tales. Hollywood can't seem to get enough of the storybook fables that are taking a detour from caped crusaders to explore the cloaked world of 'Red Riding Hood' and the many 'Snow White' adaptations that are coming our way. Now, the eternal boy who could fly is a hot commodity too, with four projects in the works and a TV miniseries. What do we know so far about them?


John Swetnam's spec script has been described as a "big-budget tentpole," that focuses on the character of Wendy and Peter Pan with a "Twilight-ish spin." In the J. M. Barrie tale, Wendy Darling is the Edwardian schoolgirl who is hesitant to let go of her real life responsibilities to set off for magical adventures, but eventually gives in more to Peter's child-like influence. There's an innocent flirtation at play in the original story, which makes it easy to see how this could be spun into a 'Twilight-esque' film centering on the tween-aged girl and her crush on a boy who will never grow up.
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