X-Men Origins: Wolverine

With Darren Aronofsky dropping out of 'The Wolverine,' ostensibly because he didn't want to spend up to a year working in Japan away from his family, 20th Century Fox could have some difficulty finding a new director for the superhero sequel.

Of the usual suspects who could handle such material -- Zack Snyder, Jon Favreau, Christopher Nolan, Bryan Singer (who launched the franchise in the first place), Sam Raimi, Guillermo del Toro -- most of them already have full dance cards; in fact, several are working on their own superhero projects. So maybe Fox should think outside the box.

How far outside the box? Check out the suggestions below. Okay, they probably don't sound serious to you, but how much more of a stretch would 'Wolverine' be for these folks than for the director of a low-budget art-house psychological horror movie like 'Black Swan'?
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The Wolverine
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